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SIERRA PEAKS: A Novel of Bioterrorism

Few experts in the world know more about Asian epidemics than Dr. Luke Lucas and his microbiologist wife, Lynn. But as a stream of new patients travel from the same city in Uzbekistan to the emergency room at University Hospital in San Francisco, each hopes for a miracle that the doctors are not sure they can deliver.

As the hospital’s capacity is tested with patients battling tuberculosis caused by microbes resistant to all antibiotics, other victims wander the city, coughing amid crowds of people and creating a public health disaster. Now forced to battle against the complacency of the press, the police, and even some health officials who fail to appreciate the magnitude of an impending epidemic, Luke and Lynn must race against time as they attempt to determine whether or not they are facing an act of bioterrorism. And if so, is it too late to stop the attack?

In this medical suspense novel, two doctors struggle to uncover the cause of a highly contagious and lethal illness ravaging the streets of San Francisco.ta

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Secret Pestilence: A Mystery Novel of the AIDS Outbreak

It is 1979, and a young man lying on the ground shivering from septic shock is taken to an emergency room, where doctors discover a rare microbe previously assumed harmless. In the ensuing months, the same disease reappears in other victims, all from the Mission District of San Francisco. The epidemic explodes out of control, taking the lives of countless young men, and overwhelming University Hospital microbiologist Lynn Lucas and her colleagues.

Fear grips the city and accusations replace reason, while Lynn and other scientists attempt to determine the source of the lethal outbreak. In an effort to piece together the intricate medical puzzle, Lynn researches past cases and interviews current patients, soon realizing the disease is already widespread. She perseveres despite witnessing obvious prejudices toward the victims, and she confronts the divided hospital staff and her own splintered family, who must overcome their own fears to band together to combat the threat.

Based in part on real events, this compelling tale shares a glimpse into the early days of the San Francisco AIDS epidemic as young physicians and scientists risk everything to battle one of the most complex diseases in the history of medicine.

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The Nagasaki Cluster : A Historical Novel of Medical Discovery

It is 1979, and Dr. Ichikawa, director of the Atomic Bomb Disease Institute at Nagasaki University, has watched too many patients die of leukemia in the years since the end of World War II. Desperate for funding and access to research, Dr. Ichikawa reluctantly welcomes an American scientist to Japan to present his findings. But when the American’s body washes ashore two days after his arrival, Dr. Ichikawa is suddenly propelled into the midst of a murder investigation.

Meanwhile, halfway across the world, microbiologist Lynn Lucas is summoned by Indonesia’s minister of health to investigate hundreds of mysterious deaths that are occurring within the jungle of Papua New Guinea. Accompanied by a young lab technician, Lucas embarks on a dangerous journey into the primitive jungle where she must seek the cause of the deadly outbreak. As she is confronted by angry relatives of victims and disdain from bureaucrats who view her as a nuisance, Lynn must rely not only on her tenacity, but also help from others as she slowly unravels the mystery of the Nagasaki Cluster.

In this medical mystery based on a real discovery in 1979, a young scientist risks everything as she looks for the reason for identical leukemia clusters and attempts to save future generations from a deadly disease.

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doc lucs

Doc Lucas USN: A Novel of the Vietnam War

Medical lessons from Vietnam; what did we learn?

Almost fifty years after the beginning of American involvement in the Vietnam War, we still remain embroiled in military actions that generate disease, disability, and death. Frontline physicians who were in places like Afghanistan, Iraq, Bosnia, Herzegovina, and Vietnam faced the medical consequences of war every day.

Doc Lucas USN, based on real people and real events, brings the war down to a human scale, one person at a time. As a young navy flight surgeon, Doc Lucas finds himself in the middle of the action in the early days of the Vietnam War, rescuing aviators downed from antiaircraft fire and marines wounded in combat. He goes to extraordinary lengths to save his peers—parachuting into stormy seas and maneuvering through the carnage of an explosion on a carrier. Often, he must resort to untried methods to treat major combat wounds.

Doc Lucas eventually befriends a Vietnamese rural medical practitioner, Dr. Tran, who runs a small clinic for children near an air base. Along with his new friend, Doc Lucas faces what must be his toughest adversary yet: the rampant spread of disease in a war-torn civilian population. The pair must contend with political factions and a civil war as they seek to help the sick and dying.

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Doctor Tales: Sketches of the Transformation of American Medicine in the Twentieth Century

Stories about American healthcare have been told in print, on film, on television and radio, and in every form imaginable. The story of American healthcare, however, has never been told in quite the same way as in Dr. Blair Beebe’s Doctor Tales. Through lyrical and compelling narrative, Dr. Beebe uses fourteen tales to tell his story of how our healthcare structure evolved to become the most advanced, and problematic, system in the world. Beginning with the viewpoint of an impressionable twenty-one-year-old first-year medical student, he continues with numerous patient encounters in hospital settings, and ends with a fictional community’s response to an avian influenza epidemic transposed from a real outbreak in the Far East. Doctor Tales draws from the lives of real doctors, nurses, and patients to show the changes that have occurred during the second half of the twentieth century that have led to spectacular new treatments, and equally stunning shortfalls in healthcare.

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The Hundred-Year DIET: Guidelines and Recipes for a Long and Vigorous Life

Many people are now living to see their one-hundredth birthday. Most of them have also enjoyed mentally and physically active elder years well into their eighties and nineties. To encourage healthier living at an advanced age, board-certified internist Blair Beebe, M.D. and culinary expert Sue Beebe have pointed out key factors that prevent the main causes of early disability and death, like heart disease, strokes, and diabetes. They explain the evidence about weight control and disease prevention, and present a sensible action plan that includes recipes for better nutrition and basic information about exercise.

The Hundred-Year Diet explains which specific recommendations will lead to good health with measurable results confirmed in clinical trials. It provides practical guidelines showing how to reach and maintain an ideal weight, improve blood cholesterol levels, avoid high blood pressure, participate in vigorous daily exercise and feel more salutary. For anyone willing to give up butter, fatty meat, French fries, and other calorie-loaded foods, the hundred-year diet can open a new world of international cuisine to help one enjoy a long and vigorous life. Included are more than seventy-five delicious low-calorie recipes incorporating the best of Mediterranean, Southwestern, and Asian cuisines.

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